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15 Best Cream Highlighters for the Most Luminous Skin

I try my hardest to keep my skin in tip-top shape so it looks glowy and healthy. I make sure to exfoliate it on the regular to slough off those dead skin cells and promote skin elasticity and collagen production. I am vigilant about keeping it hydrated with my favorite serums, moisturizers, and face oils. And I also make sure to drink enough water and get enough of those good-for-the-skin nutrients and vitamins.

Probably like many of you out there, though, I do have to admit that there are some days when my skin just isn’t having it. On those days my skin looks a little dry, a little dull, and just not as bouncy or dewy. I might have a couple of dry patches on my face, or some redness, or some pimples.

But I do have a trick to faking luminous and dewy skin (and yes, even when my skin looks and feels pretty good). I make sure it’s ultra-moisturized and prepped, I apply my regular makeup, and I use my secret weapon: A really good creamy highlighter.

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