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20 Easy Travel Outfits You Should Always Have on Hand

In theory, your vacations are filled with handfuls of chic new outfits that are more than deserving of a few Instagrams, but the reality is that at the end of the day, your travel outfits need to be equal parts comfortable and stylish. Yes, achieving that balance is possible, and we have the stylish looks of 20 fashion girls to prove that looking good and dressing functionally can coexist.

Whether they’re traveling from one country to another by plane or exploring a new city by foot, the ladies ahead clearly know how to tackle travel outfits that meet all necessary requirements. From what to wear with your jeans to how to style your dresses, get ready to shop for everything you’ll need to re-create these looks for your next adventure. Because let’s be real—you were going to copy these looks anyway.

Ready to see some inspiration for the next time you head to the airport? Go on to see and shop 20 travel outfits you’ll definitely want to see the world in.

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