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28 Under-$200 Pieces I’ve Told Everyone I Know to Buy

A habit of mine that can be looked at as both endearing and annoying is that when I come across something I like, I can’t stop talking about it. Whether it be food, a song, a vacation spot, or, of course, something fashion related, if I love it, I just know my friends, sisters, followers, and anyone else in my life probably will too, so I can’t wait to share.

As you probably guessed, such is the case with today’s post on our very own newly launched Who What Wear Collection. Personal bias aside, I have not been able to stop gushing over it to anyone who will listen because the pieces truly are just so good. From the unique and luxe-feeling fabrics to the trendy-yet-wearable factor to the fact that a solid majority of the line clocks in at under $200, there is not only something for everyone, but there are also many things for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their wardrobe to make it feel both forward and classic at the same time. To see just what I’m talking about for yourself, simply continue on to shop 28 under-$200 pieces from the line and to see how they look on some of our favorite fashion people and my fellow editors.

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