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6 Party Fashion Trends We’ll Be Wearing Out This Season

Summer may be cooling off in the near future, but our social calendars? They’re only getting hotter. With the return of parties, events, and, ahem, legitimate reasons to get off the couch and out of our sweats, our going-out wardrobes have started to get more use in the last few months than they had for an entire year. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t see that subsiding anytime soon. In fact, with a new season comes not only a new slate of invites but also a fresh array of party attire to accompany your RSVP.

That’s right—the time has come to discuss the going-out trends we’ll be seeing a lot of this fall. While comfier staples like knits will still be prevalent, there’s no denying that, across the runways and Instagram, fashion is taking a more luxe and, at times, risqué turn. Based on my trend research into what fashion people are wearing now and what’s bubbling in the market, I’ve come to the conclusion that the six party fashion trends ahead will rule the next season. From the craziest cutouts you’ve seen yet to the shoe trend to keep on your radar, keep reading to see and shop them all.

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