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A Stylist Names 5 Swimsuit Trends That Will Define Summer

Fashion stylist Rachael Wang recently weighed in about all of the cool pieces she can’t wait to wear this summer and the sustainable brands she always wears—and I highly recommend giving them a read if you haven’t already. Now, the NYC-based stylist is returning to discuss all things swimwear as we head into summer. Curious to get her take on the coolest styles to know about for the months ahead, I asked Wang to share the best swimsuit trends to invest in now that get a stylist’s stamp of approval.

Her picks range from cool textures like ribbing that add some extra dimension to any silhouette to pretty patchwork bikinis to pieces that are designed with a wide range of body types and gender expressions in mind. One thing is for certain—all of Wang’s selects have me ready to slip into a swimsuit this season. Ahead, see the 5 best swimsuit trends from a stylist that she predicts will define summer style.

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