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Altra Lone Peak 5.0 Review

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Top Closeup

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 – Top Closeup

The Altra Lone Peak 5.0 is the latest iteration of Altra’s flagship trail shoe. This new version is lighter than previous models, thanks to the integration of Altra’s AltraEGO foam in the midsole.

However, it also feels narrower in the forefoot/toe box than other versions of the Lone Peak, which flies counter to one of Altra’s core brand tenets (the foot-shaped toe box).

Cushioning Type

The Lone Peak 5.0 is more responsive thanRead more plush: provides energy return and some shock

Cushioning Amount

The Lone Peak 5.0 offers just the rightRead more amount of cushioning

Little cushioning

Highly cushioned


The Lone Peak 5.0 has a good mix betweenRead more flexibility and structure


The Lone Peak 5.0 is not stable: notRead more indicated for runners that need support

Not particularly stable

Very stable

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Inner

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 – Inner

Right out of the box, it was noticeable to me how light the Altra Lone Peak 5.0 is compared to the other moderately cushioned trail shoes that I’ve worn.

They felt good when I put them on in the house, but after the first few runs I started to notice that they felt narrower than expected in the forefoot/toe box area.

Note, they feel narrow based on my experience wearing other Altras, not in comparison to other running shoes in general.

That said, as a long-time Altra wearer, I was a bit disappointed at the relative lack of space in the toe box of this shoe.

On the trails, the LP5 does a fine job, especially on trails where you can really open it up and go fast! On hard-packed or grassy trails, this shoe is good to go!

It’s light and fast, with ample cushion to hold up for longer distances, so if you’re aiming for a fast race in the right conditions, the LP5 is a good option.

On more technical trails, however, I feel like the LP5 leaves a little bit to be desired. It’s still serviceable on such trails, just maybe not ideal.

The tradeoff for such a light and fast shoe is that the sole offers a bit less protection on trails that feature more rocks, roots, and other debris.

The LP5 has a built-in stone guard, but I did have a few occasions where a rock or root that I stepped on got my attention with a quick shot of pain.

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Right Toe

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 – Right Toe

The Altra Lone Peak 5.0 provides a bit of protection to the wearer, but it’s definitely not an overly protective shoe.

The outsole/layers of cushioning are enough to provide ample safety in smoother trail conditions, but if lots of rocks/roots are in play they aren’t as protective as may be desired even with the built-in stone guard.

The LP5s feature a light toe cap that does offer some protection to the wearer from brush or other debris you may encounter on the trail.

But if you catch a root or a rock mid-stride, the toe cap is not going to cushion the blow too much.


The rock plate in the Lone Peak 5.0 providesRead more adequate protection from sharp rocks on the

Not present

Solid protection


The Lone Peak 5.0 provides good traction onRead more most types of terrains and surfaces

Lack Traction

Provide Traction

Water resistance

The Lone Peak 5.0 performs badly in wetRead more weather conditions, getting wet rapidly and
Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Heel

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 – Heel

The Altra Lone Peak 5.0s are showing little, if any, signs of wear after 50+ miles in them.

However, the trails that I typically run are not very technical and I don’t really do any bushwhacking, so keep that in mind when you consider the types of trails that you run on.

The LP5s are really lightweight and breathable through the mesh upper, which makes me wonder how well they would hold up in more rugged terrain than what I regularly run on.

As for how well they held up during a longer run, my feet had no issues with being in the LP5s well into double-digit mileage. I’d be comfortable wearing the LP5s for marathon/ultra-distance races for sure.

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Closeup Heel

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 – Closeup Heel

If going fast is your goal, the Altra Lone Peak 5.0 is hard to beat. The LP5s are lightweight and they respond well to trails where you can just open it up and go!

For a fast, runnable course, I would definitely recommend this shoe!

On trails with softer surfaces, the Altra Lone Peak 5.0s also work well.

Obviously, running on the softer surfaces isn’t easy, but the LP5s don’t make your miles more difficult than the challenge that softer sand/mud/snow provide.

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Top

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 – Top

The Altra Lone Peak 5.0s are comfortable, all things considered.

However, they definitely feel tight/narrow in the toe box/forefoot area when compared to previous models of Lone Peaks (and other Altras in general).

Other than that, the shoe is great. Snug enough in the heel to keep your foot from sliding around, but definitely not tight.

The uppers are also comfortable, and the mesh material didn’t create any hot spots/areas of concern for me at all. And if your feet get wet during a run, the shoes drain really well and dry out quickly.


The Lone Peak 5.0 has average sizing: buy theRead more usual size

Buy size smaller

Buy size bigger

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Sole

Altra Lone Peak 5.0 – Sole

Overall, I like the Altra Lone Peak 5.0s, but I’m not sure I love them. I’ve been an Altra fan for years now, especially when it comes to the foot-shaped design of the toe box.

The fact that this model feels much narrower in the toe box is concerning to me and really prevents me from pushing the Altra Lone Peak 5.0s to the top of my trail shoe rotation.

Still, for a runnable trail race where I’m wanting to go fast, there’s a very real chance I’ll overlook the narrower toe box of the LP5s in favor of the ground feel/responsiveness that these shoes provide.

The Lone Peak 5.0s are good shoes, but they aren’t the workhorse trail shoe that the Lone Peaks have been in the past.

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