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Canon pulls newest v1.3.2 firmware for the 5D Mark IV over unspecified “issues”

Canon released its latest v1.3.2 firmware for the Canon 5D Mark IV on May 27th, bringing with it improved compatibility when connecting your camera to a computer over USB. Canon appears to have pulled the new firmware, though, over “issues” that they have not specified. So, if you haven’t updated your firmware yet, then don’t. If you already have, Canon says there’s no way to revert it back.

Canon support’s response to questions about the new firmware, as reported by Canon watch is as follows…

Thank you for contacting Canon. My name is ***** and I am happy to discuss firmware version 1.3.2 for the EOS 5D Mark IV.

We are aware of issues with firmware version 1.3.2 and that firmware update has currently been removed from our website. Once the firmware update is corrected it will be posed to the product page HERE. We are working to release the update as soon as possible. There is not a way to revert the camera to a previous firmware version, so it will need to be updated once the new version is released.

Beyond “issues”, Canon hasn’t stated exactly what the problem is, so it may be entirely safe for most people to upgrade and 99% of them might never experience an issue, but without any details about what’s actually happening there’s no telling how many people might be affected. So, it’s probably best to simply not update your firmware at this time if you’ve already downloaded it but haven’t installed it – especially given the minimal update it offers to the camera.

If you’ve already updated the new firmware, you’re out of luck, as there’s no way to revert it back to a previous version. So, you’ll just have to hope and prey that you don’t experience whatever the issue is.

Have you updated your 5D Mark IV firmware? Has anything gone wrong for you?

[via Canon Watch]

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