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Concierge Request – Long Lost Hair Gel & Shampoo

Hair Gel search:

Mostly look at the ingredients. This working hair paste is no longer made. I have tried numerous other brands- some are too sticky too fast , some are just not a paste type that allows you to add body and style hair when dry- they just add weight. I used to buy this from Sally’s Beauty Supply. No longer available. It sold for $6.95.  I want to find a good new type that works for shorter hair- doesn’t make it spikey but let’s you style your hair but is flexible

Shampoo search:

Shampoo that honestly fixes hair that has been chemically damaged. Needs to help hair get healthy, add body and shine, and be able for a normal person to purchase- not just a licensed beautician.

SumoGel by Bumble and Bumble – $23.33 (including shipping if prime)

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