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Dog Photography so Cute it Will Melt Your Heart (Enjoy the Cuteness!)

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We love dogs here at The Phoblographer. They’re adorable. So, when a photographer sends us anything relating to canines, it immediately gets our attention. If you’ve ever attempted to photograph “El Perro,” then you’ll understand the difficulties associated with it. Dogs have a mind of their own, and communicate with them can be a struggle. Any photographer who can master the technique of getting a dog to pose deserves a treat of their own. And in this article, we highlight dog photography that shows photographers at the top of their game. Join us for some cuteness.

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1. Greg Murray Creates Colorful Dog Photography

Photo by Greg Murray

Greg Muray has some delightfully colorful dog portraits. What do we love the most about his work? He takes a breed of dog often wrongly feared and shows the world how adorable it can be. Pit bulls get a bad rep. But it’s because they often end up with the wrong human. In this series of images, Murray shows how cooperative, curious, and cute they can be. Take a look at the whole series here.

2. Sophie Gamand Has Irrestsible Dog Photography

Photo by Sophie Gamand

French photographer Sophie Gamand will make a heart of stone melt. Her dog photography takes something beautiful and makes it even more eye-catching. How? By simply adding flowers to her portraits. Honestly, these images are so heart-melting they bring a tear to the eye. Go and enjoy them for yourself. Take a look here.

3. Diego Salas Gets Creative With His Dog Photography

Photo by Diego Salas

Diego Salas has a peculiar mind, at least in the context of photography. That’s not a criticism. In fact, it’s a compliment considering his left-field creativity leads to some fascinating photography. In his canine series, he thought, “what would it look like if I put random objects in the mouth of the dog?” The answer? A set of images that makes you look twice and ask, “what’s going on here?” He used Photoshop to protect the dogs (safety first in any portrait shoot), but the results are still as compelling. Take a look here.

4. Ian Pettigrew Delivers a Floating Dog Project

Photo by Ian Pettigrew

“Like a lot of my projects, this literally came to be lying in bed in the morning,” said Ian Pettigrew when talking about his Floating Dog series. Thankfully he didn’t sleep on the idea. Instead, he brought it to life as soon as possible. It’s a very vibrant series and is enjoyable to look at it. The creative process was interesting too. If you want to know exactly how he made each image, take a look here.

5. Rachel McKenna Show Off New York’s Prize Pups

Photo by Rachel McKenna

Rachel McKenna has been fond of dogs since she was a child. When she took up photography, it was the natural step to combine two things she loves. Because of her love for her subject and her art, you get to see a level of passion in her work that is often missing in other people’s photography. Her New York dog photography was part of a long-term project, which she turned into a photobook. See the results here.

Try Dog Photography For Yourself

Photographing dogs is an enjoyable process. It allows you to bond with an animal, which is always emotionally enriching. And it lets you practice patience (something you’ll need plenty of when working with a non-human). You don’t need a studio or even a dog of your own. You can roam the streets, and if you ask nicely, ask dog owners to let you make a photo of their dog. Be kind and offer to send them the photo, though.

Maybe you’re already making cute dog photos? If so, why not send them our way? You can use the form above to submit your work. If we like it, we’ll share it with our readers. Thanks for reading.

Lead photo by Ian Pettigrew

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