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Gigi Hadid Wore Multiple Gen Z Trends at Once

Gigi Hadid, our unofficial Gen Z queen, is at it again. If you count yourself one of the many fans of hers, you’ve probably noticed that she’s been fully embracing all of Gen Z’s favorite trends this year. (Side note: Just a reminder that you don’t have to technically be a part of Generation Z to appreciate and wear the trends they made famous. I’m a full-on Millennial and I’ll wear any colorful bucket hat that comes my way.)

While taking a stroll in New York earlier this week, Hadid proved that there’s no need to settle on just one Gen Z trend at a time, as statement-making as they are. It’s arguably even more fun to wear a mix of the colorful early-2000s-inspired trends than just one, and Hadid proves that point.

If you’re ready to take a page from Gigi Hadid’s summer playbook, scroll to shop the five Gen Z trends she wore together in NYC.

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