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How to Style the Same Clothing Item Different Ways

When I say I love my clothes—I truly mean it. I cherish them from the second they get delivered to my door, and I make sure they get the attention they deserve. It’s a common misconception that standout and trendy pieces can only be worn a few times, when the reality is, just because something isn’t considered to be a  “basic” for everyone, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a versatile piece in your closet. Some of my most worn pieces have been the out-there pieces other people with different styles told me I wouldn’t wear more than once. There are new trends popping up on the fashion scene on a quick basis, it’s just not viable to not be getting the use out of the pieces you’re purchasing.

Of course, there are the special pieces that are reserved for special occasions, but I’m here to help you get used out of the trendy pieces you don;t think can be worn more than once, but absolutely can. Lizzie McGuire may have been embarrassed to be an outfit repeater, but there’s no shame in the game here.

Below, I rounded up my favorite trendy items and gave three options to style each, sourced straight from my favorite fashion girls on Instagram. It’s easy to see things from a cookie-cutter view and think there’s only one way to style a trendy item, but I promise the key to finding your personal style and being content with what you wear is to experiment with different outfit varieties.

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