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I Bought 7 Risky Amazon Fashion Items—Here Are My Reviews

One sleepless night about a month ago, I did what any person would do when they’re up later than they should with a smartphone in hand: I opened up my Amazon app and went to scrolling. This time though I wasn’t shopping around aimlessly for things I didn’t need— with a few get-togethers on my social calendar I immediately started looking for affordable going out tops that felt special enough for a night out with friends. After settling on a few picks, I headed for the swimwear section in search of trendy bikinis that could finally bring some life into my lackluster lineup of swimsuits.  Before I actually fell asleep I had a whole cart full of sunglasses, and sandals to boot. 

As great as two-day shipping and a vast amount of options can be, experienced shoppers know that buying clothes on Amazon can feel like a hit or miss. Sometimes you luck out with a trove of reviews to reference, but other times you’re left to take the risk and try things out for yourself. With the exception of a few items, everything I ended up buying didn’t have much of an endorsement. But that’s the thrill of shopping right? As a market editor, I take trial and error in stride, so I didn’t mind clicking buy for a little fashion experiment. Keep scrolling to read my honest reviews and to see which items were hits, and which according to me, missed the mark.

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