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J.Lo Found the Best Pants to Wear With a Crop Top

Jennifer Lopez excels at many things. One of them is wearing crop tops. Crop tops are far from the easiest fashion item to wear, but she’s mastered the skill of styling them so well that she wears them almost daily. Oftentimes it’s leggings that she wears them with but on occasion, she’ll mix it up and pair them with other wardrobe staples. Case in point: Lopez wore a crop top to lunch in Los Angeles a few days ago, leaving the leggings at home. Instead, she wore a pants trend that makes so much sense if you’re unsure of how to pull off a crop top.

I’m pretty sure that most people would agree that the less skin that’s exposed in a crop top, the easier it is to figure out how to wear it. J.Lo clearly got the memo, opting to wear her long-sleeve crop top with a pair of paperbag-waist pants. As far as pants trends go, this style is always high-waisted and usually baggy, which is a great combination if you’re wearing a fitted crop top and want to pair it with something that’ll balance it out. Scroll on to see the master at work for yourself and shop paperbag-waist pants to pair with your crop tops and everything else.

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