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Kitchen Island with Open Shelving

The kitchen island is the heart of the home.  

We are building a small, starter home to sell, and of upmost importance is a great kitchen island that does it all, stores it all, while looking beautiful.  Here’s what we came up with:

On the “work” side, it features a sink, a pull out trash drawer with a cutting board/knife drawer – so it becomes a prep center – and a dishwasher – so it becomes the dishwashing center.

kitchen island with open shelving

On the seating side, we added open shelving (which also increases countertop space) and keeps stuff off the countertop.  This is where you can put everything from serving dishes to board games, charging cords, laptops – even snacks, paper plates, craft items.

We extended the countertop about 6″ over the open shelving – so you can still sit and eat there too.

We also added seating on the corbel end, not only creating more seating, but also creating seating at a corner for cozier conversations and less awkward homework helping.

We tried super hard to make this a great island that the new homeowner will love. And we are sharing the free plans, so you can build it too!

Video Tutorial of this Kitchen Island Build

We put together a quick video of the build, so you can see the steps happen in action.


And the free plans for this project below.  Thank you for using our plans, we very much appreciate your trust.

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