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My Newborn Essentials – Front Roe by Louise Roe

Hi guys! I’ve been so touched by all the messages I’ve had since Inès arrived and we are enjoying the early few weeks in our baby bubble. It was definitely easier knowing what I needed the second time around but it can still be totally overwhelming deciding what you need for your new baby. So, I decided to create my newborn essentials guide for first time parents as well as well-seasoned ones! I got to re-use a lot of things from when Honor was tiny as I knew we were having a girl but the majority of my newborn essentials below can be used for any little one. I’ve added everything (or similar) to the Baby & Maternity section of my Amazon shop.


Baby Mori Onesies

The softest onesies I’ve found, Baby Mori make sleepsuits and swaddle bags in delicious organic cotton and bamboo. I sort of wish I could have a matching one. The colours are simple but so useful: stripes, blues, pinks and plain ones. I’ve massively over ordered on these.

Perhaps the MOST fun part of having a baby girl is the dressing up. I’ve used lots of Honor’s things from when she was little but I’ve also really enjoyed discovering new brands, especially UK ones. Lots of brands I’ve found do clothes for babies and toddlers so Honor and Inès can match. Some of my favourites include La Coqueta, Belle Enfant and Aden+Anais. I have to stop myself getting new outfits every time I take the girls out. Amaia have dresses that are exactly like the ones my Mum put me in when I was little, for babies and girls. I have a couple of their face masks which are so soft and in gorgeous patterns, some of which match the clothing.




Started by two Mums, Butterr make THE softest nursing pillows. I like these ones because they’re easy to carry and made sustainably. It’s worth really working out what you like with feeding pillows- I like to be able to nurse wherever and so having a Butterr pillow is perfect. This one is cute too and this one is perfect for night feeding.


This breast pump is the best. Compact and portable, it also has vacuum levels that you can switch between so pumping is much easier. Their breast shields can be fitted to your shape as they’re so flexible and soft and the box doesn’t come with hundreds of wires and plugs in it- thank goodness.

Simple and easy to use from a well loved brand, these bottles (in various sizes) are on constant rotation.


I have these everywhere; in the car, my handbag, Mackenzie’s pockets…these ones have reusable cases and the silicone is so soft. I really did my research with dummies and these are my top rated (they’re Amazon’s top rated too!)






When people say you can never have enough muslins…it’s completely and 100% true. Aden+Anais have some very pretty prints in different materials; cotton and viscose made from bamboo which gets softer the more you wash it. I love their layered cotton muslin sleeping bags too, which keep the baby cool overnight and negate the need for cot sheets.

You’ll have seen me talk about this before on my stories but this bassinest is genius. It swivels and rotates fully (none of the others I’ve found rotate all the way round) and the side comes down so you can have your little one right next to you in bed, but still in their own little space. I showed it to my Mum the other day and she said she wished she’d had one when my sisters and I were babies! This one from Halo Sleep has see through mesh sides so I don’t have to get up to check on her and there are some very techy additions on some of the models with soft vibration settings, soothing sounds and a nightlight.





I love getting brand recommendations from readers and I’m so glad I found Naty Nappies. No oil or plastic on baby’s skin, reduced risk of nappy rash and the packaging is all sourced from renewable materials. Each pack also contains different illustrations…not that Inès notices but it’s quite fun for me! I’m using them with Water Wipes.


Arguably one of the hardest things to find is the perfect changing bag. Mums all have different needs so this time around I’m using a tote bag. Sézane have this maxi tote. 100% organic cotton, rose or blue floral print, long straps, zip closure and it has matching accessories like a wash bag, a makeup bag and jewellery case.





This Avent baby thermometer goes in the bath as well as in Inès’s nursery so I don’t have to constantly be fussing about the temperature- one less thing to worry about!



The Extras


There’s something so cute about a baby in a bouncer and the ones by Baby Bjorn are super safe. If you need your arms free or just want a little break, these are perfect. They’re very chic; come with add-ons like toys, extra seats or transport bags and can be used for newborns.


So many Mummies I know use (and swear by) Artipoppe’s baby carriers. There are LOADS of colours, prints and materials so you have a lot of choice and can match your carrier to your outfit should you want to! I love the velvet ones. Artipoppe have slings and carriers for toddlers…I can’t imagine Honor staying still long enough to be in a carrier though. There’s free worldwide shipping too.


The only baby book I got. Simple and succinct- it’s a bestseller for a reason.



I knew not to buy lots of toys for Inès as Honor was given so many when she was born. The one we did get for the hospital was from cuddle + kind (Avery the lamb…obviously). For every doll purchased, ten meals are provided for children in need through cuddle + kind’s global giving partners. They’ve helped provide over 13 million meals to children in need, all through these gorgeous knitted toys that are handmade in Peru.



I’m always on the lookout for recommendations so please let me know what you used for your newborn and I’ll add it to the list.



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