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Online Extras from FWW Issue #291

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Online extras from FWW issue #291

Video: Paper Joinery

Mark Gardner turns his shelves four at a time and then splits the blank apart. A paper joint makes perfect splits possible. Mark demonstrates how simple and effective the process is.

Video: Flat Veneer, Happy Veneer

Many times, highly figured veneer does not come ready to use; you usually have to flatten it. Contributing editor Bob Van Dyke shows the process from start to finish.

Video Workshop: Arts and Crafts Coffee Table

Watch as master furniture maker Kevin Rodel shows you how to build his elegant interpretation of a classic Limbert design. In this project series, you’ll learn how to:

  • use efficient building strategies
  • get gap-free through-tenon joinery
  • dress up your furniture with pierced panels

Video: Turning with Planes

After using gouges to take square stock close to its finished form, Mario Rodriguez uses a block plane to remove any bumps and achieve a smooth taper. Here, he demonstrates his outside-the-box technique.

Clever Clamping for Boxes

Using ratchet straps and some scrapwood, Pete Michelinie’s clever clamping trick makes sure the joints on his box stay closed forever.

Video: Dream Machines

Mark Gardner shows off some of his antique machinery, an 18-in. Crescent Machine Co. jointer and a Fay and Egan 24-in. bandsaw.

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