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STL247: Drop the baseline – FineWoodworking

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Question 1:

From Scott:
With your skills of making furniture what made you decide to not pursue being a full time woodworker?

Nancy Hiller’s Reality Check(list)

If you’re thinking of turning your passion into a profession you should take a deep look at what is involved in running a legitimate business.

Question 2:

From Steve:
I was listening to episode 211 and am convinced that I need an apron and Blackwing 602 in my life. During the episode, Mike mentioned that he’s trying out new ideas for apron pocket configuration. He also mentioned that he was trying 3 different pencil sharpeners for his 602 pencil. Since it’s been about a year since those comments, does Mike have any updates? Was there a winning pencil sharpener? Does he like his apron pockets?

STL211: Woodworker’s aprons

Mike, Barry, and Ben discuss planing wood at an angle, whether it’s worth restoring old homeowner-grade machinery, and the do’s and don’ts of prefinishing. Then they get pretty geeky about aprons and pencils.

Question 3:

From Matthew:
I have heard y’all talk of the life span of your bandsaw and tablesaw blades. I am in awe of the lifespan you guys talk about. Granted, I am using big box store blades, but I am curious if you could give helpful tips to us amateurs on how to prolong the lifespan of our saw blades.  

dirty tablesaw blades

Go clean your blades!

Apart from reducing your cut quality, dirt and resin will dull your blades prematurely.


Ben’s Smooth move – Not taking a second pass over the dado stack when rabbeting a long piece.

Mike’s favorite tool – Antique whale-tale c-clamps

Question 4:

From Scott:
I often see woodworkers mark their joinery with a marking gauge leaving a visible line in the finished piece. I do not like the look of that line. How do you get rid of that marking gauge line? If you plane it away, often the joint won’t fit.


Ben – Follow more local woodworkers on social media

Mike – 100 Foot Wave on HBO

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