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Tamron 16-70mm F4 Lens for Fullframe Mirrorless Cameras

By admin, on April 30th, 2021

Tamron working on a new lens 16-70mm F4 Lens for full-frame mirrorless cameras.  Most probably they will announce it first for Sony Mirrorless cameras since Sony shares their E-Mount details with third-party lens makers and they don’t have to do reverse engineering as with Nikon and Canon systems.  Later one we may see RXD and other series of Lenses for Canon and Nikon system cameras once they are able to successfully decode new RF and Z Mount AF Algo.

Patent details  – Embodiment 1
Focal length: 16.4867 35.0004 67.8794 mm
F number: 4.1174 4.1076 4.1432
Half angle of view (degree): 53.8837 29.8398 16.1054

see more Tamron Patent

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