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The 24 Best Swimsuits for Curvy Women in 2021

Swimsuit season is in full effect, which means all the string bikinis, sandals, and day-long beach trips your heart can desire (and you’re SPF can handle). Getting to the pool, beach, or wherever you’re heading to is the easy part, but shopping for the perfect suit is a little bit more complicated.

There’s a multitude of swimwear styles out there, but we all have different levels of comfort. Whether you’re a barely-there, controversial bikini trend type of person, or like to be a little more modest, shopping for swimwear proves even more difficult when curves enter the equation. Let’s be honest: a lot of swimwear brands wrongly don’t design their suits with voluptuous bodies in mind, so if you’re curvy like me, you learn to keep a discerning eye on which brands will fit the bill. After some thorough research (aka revisiting a few of my favorite curvy influencers) and a little bit of swimwear shopping for myself, I’ve found a collection of stunning swimsuits that are hot-girl (and curvy-girl) summer approved. Trust me, you’ll want to get your hands on these.

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