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The bowl is a bird

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A pair of wrens nested in Dave Fisher’s yard in western Pennsylvania one summer and entertained him and his wife, Kristin, for weeks with their song, their flights ferrying twigs and food, and with the dramatic upward flip of their tails. That fall, when Dave came into a batch of trimmings from a neighbor’s Norway maple tree, one crooked chunk sparked his imagination: “I looked at the branch and it reminded me of a wren with its tail cocked in the air.” After he had spent some time using an ax, a drawknife, and a rasp, the branch was becoming a bird. He carved out the bowl with bent gouges and a hook knife, then finished the outside with a flexible card scraper and very fine sandpaper. Fisher often uses found wood for his carvings, and relies on it to inspire him. “Nature is a kind of design partner for me,” he says. “I could never have made this bowl without this particular piece of wood.”

—Jonathan Binzen

tree branch carved into bird tree branch carved into bird sanded

carving bowl

From Fine Woodworking #289

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