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The iPad mini 6’s screen will grow less than expected – report

Last May, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the iPad mini 6 would arrive in the first half of 2021 with a screen size of between 8.5- and 9-inches. 

He was clearly wrong on the first point, given we’re now in the second half of the year with no new iPad mini, and a new report suggests the second point could be slightly wide of the mark too.

Display analyst Ross Young tweeted that the iPad mini 6’s screen will actually be 8.3-inches. As he added in a follow-up tweet, that’s a modest 0.4-inch increase from the 2019 model, and likely achieved due to narrower bezels and the removal of the Home button rather than a larger frame. 

That’s quite achievable, given the current iPad mini hasn’t changed dramatically in terms of design since the first generation launched in 2012 when thin bezels were unheard of.

It also seems to be consistent with rumour that the iPad mini 6 will follow the design cues of the 2020 iPad Air, which in turn ended up looking closer to the more expensive iPad Pro tablets. With the Home button gone, the iPad Air relocated Touch ID to the power button.

iPad Mini 6 renders showing front and back
A render of the iPad Mini 6

Last week a report claimed three big changes were incoming for the upcoming iPad mini 6, which seem to back up this planned design unity between iPads. Not only would the new mini be packing the same upcoming Apple A15 chip set to power the iPhone 12, but the new device will apparently ditch the Lighting port for the more common USB-C, and introduce the magnetic Smart Connector, The latter opens the door for extras like the Apple Smart Keyboard – albeit in a new size to accommodate the mini’s unusual dimensions.

After the iPad mini 6 missed its anticipated launch window of the first half of the year, it’s not clear exactly when it will emerge, but it remains very likely to be a 2021 product.

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