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Tilta Announced Canon BP Dummy Battery Adapters for RED KOMODO

Tilta Announced Canon BP Dummy Battery Adapters for RED KOMODO

Tilta has just released two new accessories for the RED KOMODO: the Canon BP dummy battery to 2-pin Lemo and another version with P-Tap terminals. These adapters allow you to power your camera or camera accessories via a V-Mount/Gold-Mount battery, for example. Let’s take a closer look at these!

Tilta recently put a lot of energy into building complete ecosystems around cameras and accessories like the RED KOMODO lineup of cages/handles/power modules or their entire suite of tools to accessorize the DJI RS2 gimbal.

Despite recent shortages and price increases on most of their catalog, Tilta continues to develop new useful solutions for filmmakers. For example, their new Canon BP dummy battery adapters for the RED KOMODO are a perfect example of how a simple accessory can help you save weight while trying to balance your camera on a gimbal.

Image credit: Tilta

Tilta’s Canon BP Dummy Battery Adapters features

The Canon BP dummy battery adapters are pretty simple pieces of gear: they allow you to power any camera or camera accessory with a Canon BP battery mount via an external power source. However, even if you can power most cameras out of these dummy battery adapters, they will be mostly used to power RED KOMODO cameras externally.

Image credit: Tilta

At the moment, two versions are available: Canon BP to 2-Pin Lemo and Canon BP to P-Tap. According to Tilta, both dummy battery adapters are durable and made of “copper & steel construction.” In addition, both adapters feature a small LED light that turns on when a power source is connected.

Image credit: Tilta

Since the dummy battery adapter only takes one Canon BP battery slot on the KOMODO, I guess you’ll have battery hot-swap capabilities.

One of the main use of this dummy battery adapter will be to reduce weight if you use the RED KOMODO on a DJI RS2 gimbal. Indeed, if you use the Tilta battery plate to DJI RS2 power pass-through plate kit, you’ll be able to power your KOMODO directly from the gimbal’s battery. This is a smart way to reduce your camera package’s weight, so it’ll be easier to balance on the gimbal and relieve your arms a bit when operating the gimbal.

Price and availability

Both Tilta Canon BP dummy battery adapters are available now for $66.00 each. For more information, please visit Tilta’s website here.

What do you think about these dummy battery adapters? What is your go-to configuration when using the RED KOMODO on the DJI RS2? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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