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Tool review: Blue Spruce sliding bevel gauge

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Sliding bevel gauge by Blue Spruce, 4 in. and 7 in.

A sliding bevel gauge is a must-have for your tool kit. It’s probably most associated with laying out dovetails, but it comes in handy when working with angled joinery as well. It’s a simple tool consisting of a beam and a pivoting blade with some way to secure it. It really only needs to do one thing well, and that’s to hold its angle once you lock it in place. In addition, the locking mechanism shouldn’t get in the way when you’re using it. While there are many gauges on the market, most fail one or both of these tests. With this in mind, I was curious to try out the offering from Blue Spruce, which has a reputation for turning out some nice tools. At first glance, the fit and finish was beautiful, and I was happy to see a lock-down knob on the bottom of the beam, where it’s safely out of the way during use. I was even happier to see that with moderate pressure to the knob, the blade held firmly in place. While you can spend less for a bevel gauge, I’m not sure you’ll find one that works as well.

—Michael Pekovich is FWW’s editor and creative director.

Photo: Michael Pekovich

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